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We are interested in research and development of contextualized innovation especially more for marginalized and underserved students. At the same time, we are also interested in reverse innovation in education which stems from a condition where innovation from underserved communities (i.e., where technology exposure is scarce and there is absence of digital stimuli competition) make it to the mainstream in the developed region as an evolved and recontextualuzed form.

We acknowledge that phenomenal mobile penetration in the developing region is creating profound dynamics and exciting opportunities for educational researchers. Therefore, we are engaged in a series of research projects that investigate interactional phenomena between technology contextualization and reverse innovation while examining various relevant constructs such as novelty effect, digital stimuli competition, stimuli isolation, scientific inquiry prompt, digital bridging effect, or globalization effect in behavioral, cognitive, and social dimensions.

In short, we leverage POMI innovations and study a wide range of mobile interaction and learning models to achieve a broad objective of seeking and bolstering holistic education and empowerment opportunities in the 21st century learning environments worldwide.